How to Think Like a Historian

How to Talk Like a Historian rev. 11-1-2021

Study Guides for Short Exams

Study Guide for Exam #1 – in Word Format (updated 9/14/2022)

Study Guide for Exam #2 – in Word Format (updated 10/31/2022)

For Final Exam

Format for Final Exam

Study Guide for Final Exam – in Word Format (old version from fall 2021 – needs updating)

Resources for the Final Paper

Sample Short Paper – Chicago Format

Handout – How to Be a Better Writer

Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources

What is Plagiarism – And How to Avoid It (at UNC Chapel Hill)

How to Develop Your Research Topic – presentation from Saiyka and Minh (fall 21)

Sample Research Paper Proposal – from Saiyka (fall 2021)

Questions for the Paper Proposals – (from fall 2021)

Sample Research Paper – from Saiyka (fall 2021)

Resources for the Poster Session

Guidelines for Poster Session

Sample Posters from Fall 2021